Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Robert DiFalco and I have worked on product and product strategy for most of my career in the roles of Engineer, Software Architect, Designer, Product Manager, and CTO. I’ve worked in companies of all sizes but I have most fun at start ups. The big dogs at politics of larger companies eat me alive.

I spent the last 12 years working at Tripwire, Inc starting out as a senior engineer when it was but a wee company and ended up as CTO of Products. When Tripwire was purchased by a private equity firm I was able to temporarily retire and pursue some new stuff. Trust me, working hard (and smart) at a start up can definitely pay off. I’m still looking for the next fun project to get passionate about.

While at Tripwire I created their flagship product Tripwire Enterprise, published over 22 patents with 9 granted (so far), received 11 awards including board recognitions and sales impact player awards, introduced agile development methodologies in 2004, introduced UX in 2009, and evangelized the ideas of MVP (minimally viable product) and stuff taken from Marty Cagan and others. I’m passionate about lean concepts, delivering often, customer validation, and great design. I like process but only process that accelerates the above. Meetings about process semantics or heavyweight processes that have folks spending time on that rather than creating customer value are the bane of my existence. Even SCRUM can have people spending days estimating and grooming backlogs rather than running experiments on customer value and delivering product.

I’m also a musician, husband, and dad and all of these are pretty fun and cool. My wife is part of the collective that runs Hip Mama so definitely check that out too.

You can reach me @radifalco, LinkedIn, or email.

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